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Welcome to the temporary home of Déjà Vu. We are a dedicated group of PvPers whom pride themselves on being -THE- Original strictly PvP Guild on Alliance Bonechewer. We started as a small group of gamers whom have known each other well over 10 years. We decided we wanted to focus PvP, its what we have always done in every game, and its what we were good at. Once Déjà Vu was formed it quickly became a hit. We had waiting list of 20 + for our premades and everyone looking to arena. When WoTLK was released, we slowly parted ways, some moved onto other games, others onto PVE guilds like Mortis. Recently we got togther and decided we wanted to bring life back Bonechewer PvP and remove some of the Elitist/GS Troll/Nerdraging that has seem to of taken over the Dueling/World pvping on the server.  Déjà Vu was formed on the belief that anyone can pvp, despite your gear, despite your class, despite your spec you can enjoy and be successful in group pvp as long as your willing to learn and have fun. We have never had a gear requirement for entrance to guild or our premades, all we ask is that you have a passion for PVP and of course, having fun.  Déjà Vu is back and rebuilding our army to take the server, and the realm by storm! Sooo.. in closing....................... WEEEEEEE BAAAACCCCCCCKKKKK!
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New officers!

G00SEY, Aug 1, 10 1:57 AM.
After a unanimous vote the leadership of Déjà Vu would like to  congratulate our 3 new officers. These 3 have shown outstanding leadership capabilities, activeness and basic knowhow of PVP. And they are...

Kibbelznbitz / Hólyshít

Congratulations to you 3. As we grow, so will our leadership.

Lastly, if any of our members have not yet read the major topics please do so. They can be found.. Here , here and here. =)

Enjoy your AV weekend everyone! Nows the time to honor farm gear! Low on premades during this weekend, theres simply no better BG to run then AV this weekend. Honor is amazing.

Good luck, Happy hunting!

G00SE is back!/Premade success!!

G00SEY, Jul 25, 10 12:22 AM.
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been on vacation, I'm back and trying to clean up house. As posted previously, The guild is back, and going strong, we are recruiting mass and growing and cleaning as we go. We ran some great premades last night and tonight in EoTS (One of Alliances most difficult wins) And happy to report We won all but 1, and mainly 3/4 capping =)

We're also inviting friends from other guilds into our premades, You do not have to be a member of the guild to premade with us, just make a friend and ask them to give you a shout when we run. Please understand tho, guild members to get priority.

Ill start posting pictures of our premades as I get more organized. If anyone frequently SS's or Fraps PvP please contact me.

The Guild Is Back!

G00SEY, Jul 25, 10 12:17 AM.
After a stint with Impervious.. we have decided we are too focused on PVP to merge with a PVE gear at this point in time. We have GREAT friends in Impervious, and wish them no ill will, it is nothing against them, they are a great guild and great friends, we however are more PVP focused at this time. We have decided to go ahead with our guild full on. We are currently MASSIVLY recruiting anyone with a passion to PVP. You have to be up to the task tho, you dont have to be godly in pvp but you have to be willing to learn, and listen, if you lack the ability to do so, you may not make it long with us. We cannot teach those who wont listen.

Also as a note to new guild members, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE register to the site, and app to the guild. If you are already a member in game you do not have to fill out the app.

And we are gone again... or are we??? Public Premades, Arenas, and Site revamp on the way!

G00SEY, Jul 9, 10 12:14 AM.
Sadly the abundance of PVP guilds on BC has turned us away from reforming DJV. TO a point. After much discussion we were invited to join the ranks of some old friends in Impervious. We WILL still be PVPing, and we will still be doing premades and arenas. They will remain to be hosted on DJV Vent and they will still be ran with DJV style. Since our "Family/Core" members remain the same 5 or 6 people, we moved to Impervious. We appreciate the invite and acceptance into this great guild and look forward to a long lasting run with them. You will still see us PVPing , if anything more so now, We will be doing public premades, and we will continue mowing horde.. We will just being doing it with a different guild tag.. and more friends than before =)

The site will remain active for PVP knowledge base and will likely get remodeled here in the next few weeks. Please feel free to continue requesting membership. Members of this site will be people we refer to first for premades. You can be in any guild, just register here. =)

Deja Vu was never just a guild... or just a family, it was a Successfully playstyle for slaughtering horde.. And will continue to be for anyone interesting in becoming part of it.

Again stay tuned over the next few weeks has the site turns into more than a guild site.

Stay tuned for info on upcoming scheduled premades.


The Official DJV 5's Arena team is looking for a 5th. Preferably 1k resil, and atleast furious main set.

Guild Meeting Tonight!

G00SEY, Jun 28, 10 9:10 AM.
Guild meeting tonight at 9:30 EST ALL current members are required to show, if you can't, post why in member section of forums!

See you all tonight!
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